Pat Reeder and George Gimarc met while working at their college radio station in the
days when big stone records were played with the sharpened beaks of disgruntled
prehistoric birds.  They quickly became fast friends and discovered they had much in
common besides their wickedly handsome profiles, such as their off-kilter senses of
humor and their voracious appetites for arcane trivia, as evidenced by their ridiculously
large collections of records, books, movie posters, antique recording technology and
other pop cultural treasures that most people store away in landfills.  
Through the years, Pat & George have worked
together on a number of projects (radio morning
shows, comedy commercials, etc.), but their biggest
and most enjoyable partnership has been on
Hollywood Hi-Fi, which has taken the form of a
book, a CD on Brunswick, a hilarious live
presentation for corporate and civic groups, and
now, this ultra-nifty website, featuring their video
record reviews and coming soon, a newly-updated
edition of the book.  

As for their separate endeavors...
Pat Reeder (left) and George Gimarc admire a prized
LP they miraculously managed to get autographed
without being thrashed by Danny Bonaduce.
George Gimarc was the first DJ to play scary "New Wave" music in the Dallas/Ft. Worth market, via
his legendary
"Rock and Roll Alternative" show on the late lamented KZEW-FM.  He interviewed and
helped introduce to the American public a staggering array of then-oddball, now-towering musical
figures, including the Talking Heads, Devo, Elvis Costello, the Clash and countless others.  He went on
to become music director/afternoon DJ at the EDGE, the first alternative rock station in the Dallas
market, where his private label,
Reel George Records, produced a string of acclaimed "Tales From
The Edge" CDs, featuring up-and-coming alternative bands of every stripe.  He chronicled these
revolutionary musical years in minute detail in a series of essential
Punk Diary books.  

George is also one of America's preeminent collectors of recorded sounds of all types, from Edison
cylinders to historic radio airchecks.  He is known as "The Music Guru of Texas" with good reason; his
record collection is so extensive, his house had to be built with a steel-reinforced frame to keep the
weight of all the floor-to-ceiling record shelves from collapsing the floor!  He has been a music
consultant on a number of films and CD boxes and reissues, and shared his amazing collection of
sounds with the world through his
"Lost Tapes" radio show on the Texas State Network.  He is currently
consulting on several
cutting-edge radio formats of his own creation.  George lives in suburban Dallas
with his wife, Donna, who is a very popular novelist under the pen name,
Elisabeth Fairchild.
Pat Reeder is a proud pack rat of the first
order.  He lives in a house that is straining at
the seams with books and records, and he
has a wide knowledge of show business
history, encompassing music, TV, movies and
live theater (if you read a joke in the book
about Eddie Cantor's act in 1917, chances
are he wrote it).  He has been a major market
radio DJ, production director and writer/voice
on thousands of comedy commercials, and
has written for celebrities ranging from Tony
Randall to Barney the Dinosaur (although
God knows, he doesn't like to talk about that
one).  He was the head writer of the Morning
Punch radio service when a trade paper
survey named it the Best Scripted Radio
Humor Service in America.  Pat is also a
popular public speaker, giving both a
Hollywood Hi-Fi presentation with George and
George & Pat compare their copies of Bette Davis' Broadway
cast album and enjoy a chuckle over Pat's wry observation that
his is 12 inches while George's is a mere 7 inches.
a solo presentation on his "reverse self-help" book, Nine Hallmarks of Highly Incompetent Losers.  The
foreword for that book was written by his friend, Mike Huckabee, who has been known to borrow Pat's
one-liners for presidential debates.

For the past 15 years, Pat and his singer/comedienne/fabulous babe wife
Laura Ainsworth have written
The Comedy Wire, a daily syndicated topical humor service used by top radio DJs and talk show hosts
worldwide (visit their website for samples and their ever-changing
"Joke of the Day").  Laura also
performs two critically-acclaimed live shows of her own creation, which Pat books and produces while
overseeing her
website and humorous blog.  

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All material copyright 1995-2007 by Pat Reeder & George Gimarc.  All rights reserved.
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