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Celebrity Singer News!

This page will contain links to the latest news on celebrity
singers, even though these days, many of the young ones are
not that entertaining because
they become singers like this...

Scarlett Johansson's CD of Tom Waits covers now has a
website where you can read about it, pre-order it, hear clips of
all the cuts, and most importantly, see
photos of Scarlett,
including one in which she appears to have died and been laid
out in state in a tree for some reason.  

Sorry to be inactive so long.  Computer problem and a home move.  To make it up to
here's a taste of the upcoming Scarlett Johansson CD of Tom Waits songs, which
will be worth getting for the cover alone (and possibly only for the cover alone).  No, it's
not called "Tom Waits For No Man."  It's called "Anywhere I Lay My Head."  
Scarlett ragging on Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton, who aren't real singers.  We know
Scarlett is, because she gets Jessica Simpson's seal of approval.

Good news:  CBS has set up a website where you can watch
"Secret Talents of the
Stars" online and bask in the glory of George Takei's interpretation of "On The Road
Again."  Bad news: it will never be updated because CBS canceled the show after one
airing.  Seems it started the hour with 4 million viewers and that gradually dropped off
until by the end, we were the only two people still watching.  

Teri Hatcher on the "Idol Gives Back" special, somehow making Carrie Underwood
sound like a genuine country singer.  This song raised $20 million in donations, just
from people who were willing to pay to make her stop.  Note the band composed of
nothing but TV actors, including Jesse ("Chase") Spencer of "House" on fiddle.  
Where's Dr. House when you need him?  For that matter, where was
Hugh Laurie
when they needed a good celebrity singer?

Tuesday night, CBS aired a show called "Secret Talents of the Stars."  Apparently,
these stars have no secret talents, unless you count
George "Sulu" Takei actually
singing worse than William Shatner or Leonard Nimoy.  Which, come to think of it,
really is something of an accomplishment.

Thanks to our pal Scoop at for pointing out that you can download a
free album by Charles Manson right here.  You can also find more Manson music here.
 Funniest thing about it is the suggestion of "similar artists" you might also enjoy.  
These include Syd Barrett and Captain Beefhart (if you're a fan of insane guys who
have a magical band around them), Nico (if you like feeling as if a crazy chick is
attacking your ears with a knife), and gentle acoustic guitar picker John Fahey, for
reasons known only to himself and his God, and possibly Vincent Bugliosi.  
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Elliot Spitzer’s alleged call girl, Ashley Alexandra Dupre, turned out to be an aspiring singer, and she has exactly what it takes to
make it in the music business: hot looks, a MySpace page and a willingness to prostitute herself.  You can
hear one of her songs
here, or download two of them here.  We sense a new celebrity singing star: her downloads are already going for more money
than the Barenaked Ladies', which wouldn’t be the first time she's charged more than the average barenaked lady.

Terrible video but historically priceless, as it captures
the first and only performance of President Bush and the Busharoos
singing “The Brown, Brown Grass of Home” at the DC Gridiron Club dinner.

Before you get all worked up over baseball players taking steroids, check out what they were like before all those testosterone
boosters.  Ask yourself if you really want to go back to the pastel-colored satin jacket days of the ’86 Dodgers disco-shimmying
to the
“Baseball Boogie."

KISS-FM sparked an Internet hit by mashing up Britney Spears and actress Heidi Montag doing Brit’s “Dramatic.”  Sadly for our
entertainment value, you can’t even tell the “singer” from the “actress,” since the vocals are more processed than Velveeta and
it’s a typical tune-free Britney dance track that could be sung by a Speak ‘N’ Spell. But there are lots of bikinis and cleavage to
keep you awake.

3/6/'08 - In honor of the rocker chick on "American Idol" singing Joan Jett's "I Hate Myself for Loving You,"
here is Katie Holmes
showing her how to do it, "Dawson"-style!

Gavin McLeod turned 77 on Feb. 28, and what better way to celebrate than to
watch him and Robert Blake do their best Blues
Brothers (or Booze Brothers, more like) duet on the R&B classic, "It Should've Been Me (With That Real Fine Chick)," from an old
episode of "The Dinah Shore Show"?  

Molly Ringwald turned 40 on February 18, which probably makes many of you feel decrepit.  To counteract that, let's turn back
the clock even beyond 16 candles and
hear Molly sing with her dad's jazz band when she was just six years old.  (Trivia on top of
trivia: the LP liner notes were by Georgie Rock, famous for his own helium- voiced singing with Spike Jones on such tunes as
"All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth.")

Actress Bai Ling
blames her shoplifting arrest on being mentally discombobulated by a breakup.  If she's planning an insanity
defense, she might point to
this rendition of "I Touch Myself," performed on national TV in her underwear.  

Feb. 11 was Tina Louise's birthday. If you lean toward Ginger in the great debate of our time, check out her 1957 album, "It's
Time For Tina" (featuring Coleman Hawkins, believe it or not).  You can hear
samples here, but you'll prefer the cover photo

On Feb. 4th, Mamie Van Doren turns 77, and she still looks fabulous.  To celebrate,
watch this deleted scene from "Girl's Town,"
in which she honks through a godawful Paul Anka rock tune while showering.  Mamie recalls that, yes, she was naked, and she
had a couple of martinis beforehand.  You might need a cool drink yourself after watching it.   

Heidi Montag, star of "The Hills," sings her cookie-cutter Chipmunky pop debut "Higher" in a video that shows her rolling around
on a beach in a wet white dress and a teeny pink bikini.  The hills are alive, but not because she sings like Julie Andrews.

Rap hater and
Beatles cover artist Bill Cosby to record a clean, message-oriented hip-hop CD. Frammel-Frimmel-fo'shizzle!

Scarlett Johansson, who can actually carry a tune, is releasing a CD of Tom Waits songs, possibly marking the first time a
celebrity singer actually improved on the original vocals.  That link is worth clicking for the picture, although it would be nice if
she promoted her albums the way Carla Bruni does.

Supermodel Carla Bruni
may or may not be the new French First Lady, but she is definitely the latest Claudine Longet-style sexy-
moaning celebrity singer.
Here's a new car ad in which she sings "Bang Bang" (FYI: amateur singers should never give
listeners the idea of shooting them down).
 Here's news about her first CD in English.  You can hear it here.  You can hear an
earlier CD in some foreign tongue here.  Finally, and best of all, you can see her in her bikini here.  And out of her bikini here.  
(Warning! Contains nudity!)

Jessica Simpson to record country duet with BF/Cowboys QB Tony Romo.  But we hear he's no Danny White.

Zooey Deschanel (Elf, Almost Famous, Veronica's Closet) planning her first album, which will likely end up in our closet

Article on the 100th anniversary of the birth of Broadway legend and disco diva, Ethel Merman.

Miley Cyrus uses a double in concert.  You mean TV-created pop stars are interchangeable?!  Color us shocked.  Shocked, we

CD Sales continue slow death; Lindsay Lohan to cut another album to
help speed the process.

"Blossom's" pal Six (Jenna Von Oy) records country album,
surprisingly not entitled "666."  

Canada's National Post runs a list of actors who've tried to sing.  
Where do newspapers get these inspired ideas for feature articles?

Emily Blunt refuses to become the "cliched actress-with-a-CD-out," dammit.

Top names in music for 2007 include Miley Cyrus, making us long for
when music was dominated by serious talents, like Billy Ray Cyrus.

Indian beauty Suchitra Pillai is working on a CD of Indi-pop/Carnatic
music, much like Paris Hilton's.  

Horizon Award: A Toronto TV morning show puts out a charity Christmas CD that earns one host comparisons to the legend that
is Shatner.