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Celebrity Singer Review: Bette Davis!
Celebrity Singer Review: Glenn Close!
Celebrity Singer Review: Robert Mitchum!
Celebrity Singers On YouTube!

William Shatner
Leonard Nimoy
Brent Spiner Channels Jolson
Patrick Stewart
Bette Davis
Glenn Close
Raquel Welch ("Ready 2 Groove")
Patty Duke
Regis Philbin Christmas
Bruce Willis
Cybill Shepherd & Pals
Lorne Greene Raps ("Ringo")
Lorne Greene ("Ponderosa" LP)
Lorne Greene ("Bonanza" theme)
Michael Landon
Pernell Roberts
Ted "Lurch" Cassidy ("Wesley")
"Shindig" Lost Tape with Boris
Karloff and Cassidy's "The Lurch"
Marlon Brando
Sylvester Stallone
Robert Mitchum
George Burns
Mae West
Mamie Van Doren shower-singing!
Anthony Quinn
Telly Savalas
Anthony Perkins
Anthony Perkins & Jane Fonda
Ethel Merman discusses disco
Ethel Merman sings disco
Buddy Ebsen & Dean Martin
Jim Nabors LP commercial
Bill Cosby Beatles Remix
Phyllis Diller 1966 TV show theme
Lenny & Squiggy
Laverne & Shirley
Art Carney's Xmas rap (1954)
Jack Klugman & Tony Randall
Tony Randall Calypso
Jackie Chan & Chris Tucker
PeeWee Herman ("Surfin' Bird")
Clint Eastwood & Ray Charles
Lee Marvin's "Wandrin' Star!"
Burt Reynolds & Dolly Parton
Kirk Douglas & His Banjo
Edd "Kookie" Byrnes
Crispin Glover ("Clowny")
Gavin McLeod & Robert Blake
Patrick McNee & Honor Blackman
Brigitte Bardot ("Bonnie & Clyde")
Brigitte Bardot ("Harley")
Fred & Ethel Mertz
RIcardo Montalban
Fess Parker ("Davy Crockett")
Buddy Hackett ("Shipoopi")
Walter Brennan ("Old Rivers")
Katie Holmes Rocks Dawson-style!
Katie does Judy!
Bai Ling "Sings" In Her Underwear

But Can They Sing?

Click above to see performances
from the VH1 celebrity sing-off
reality show
(Where do TV
producers get these ideas?!)
Morgan Fairchild, Kim
Alexis and other tonedeaf Z-listers.

Click here to see a mass murder
of "Bohemian Rhapsody" or just
cut to the chase and
go straight
to Bai Ling showing what Yoko
Ono might've been like if she'd
set out to destroy Madonna
instead of the Beatles.  
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Celebrity Singer Review: Jackie Chan!
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Video featuring Jackie's impossible stunts, including the
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Jackie duets live!

Jackie and Chris Tucker sing "War!"

NG Clint
Sylvester Stallone